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Tour of Pelion Mountain

Pelion, the mountain of Centaurs fascinates through all four seasons of the year, combining its natural beauty with historical and mythical events that surround its name with a magical aura and make it appear in the pages of the world’s largest travel magazines.

Why choose Pelion:

  • In Milies you will discover picturesque buildings, waterfalls, the beautiful church of Pammegiston Taxiarchon at the central square and the Municipal Library with historical manuscripts, and in Vyzitsa plenty of centuries-old Pelion mansions.
  • Agios Lavrentios is a living monument of Pelion architecture, decorated with stone fountains and cobblestone paths, while in Agios Georgios Nilias you may visit the Ecclesiastical Museum and the Art Museum of sculptor Nikolas.
  • Pouri offers a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea, Tsagarada is a green paradise with running waters, arched bridges, old and new mansions, and Mouresi is one of the oldest villages in Pelion with a picturesque central square shaded by huge lime trees.
  • Damouchari is the only natural harbor on the Aegean side of Pelion, and in the northern part of Fakistra is the location of two historical caves.
  • In Zagora, the largest village in Pelion, you may find the school of Rigas Feraios and the library with thousands of volumes of rare books.
  • You can also visit Portaria, once the most important trading center of Pelion, with the very interesting neoclassical mansions, whereas in Makrinitsa, known as the balcony of Pelion, you can visit the Museum of Folk Art and History of Pelion. Makrinitsa is famous for the centuries-old plane tree in the central square and the fountain called “Immortal Water”, at which all the cobbled streets of the village meet.