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Volos – Trikeri

Trikeri is a village built on top of the most remote hill at the very end of the Magnesia peninsula. Access to the village was easier by sea rather than land, thus it gained the character of an island and became a maritime center. In 1821, Trikeri had one of the largest commercial fleets and actively participated in the Greek revolution by helping the newly-founded “Society of Friends” (Filiki Eteria) with many of its ships and sailors. The village is built amphitheatrically with an architectural structure of a typical island state, with its houses and their outer walls creating a castle-shaped image. To get to know Trikeri, you have to walk to its cool central square and from there follow the uphill cobbled path that leads to the church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), where the sea view from above will leave you speechless. Trikeri is the fishing village of Agia Kyriaki, whose neighbourhoods are reminiscent of an island with whitewashed alleys, stone-built houses, scattered fishing nets and long lines.

Reasons to visit Trikeri:

  • For hiking on the paths that start from the village and lead, through a lush natural landscape, to the seaside villages of Kottes and Agia Kyriaki.
  • To admire the famous wooden carved temple of the Holy Trinity and the “throne of Napoleon”.
  • For a tour at the tower-house of Fourtouna, the small museum of the naval tradition of the Trikeri region.
  • For swimming in the crystal clear waters of the seaside villages, Agia Kyriaki and Kottes.
  • To taste fresh fish, octopus and its famous dish of lobster with spaghetti and, last but not least, drink a glass of tsipouro by the sea.