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Volos Pelion Magnesia

Magnesia is a privileged area situated in the central – east mainland of Greece. Its location is truly a privilege since one can use it as a starting point to visit many places of special interest in Greece, both easily and quickly. Those may be places of archaeological or religious interest such as METEORA, DION, VERGINA, or DELFI, or areas of outstanding natural beauty such as OLYMPUS MOUNTAIN, LAKE PLASTIRAS and the recently restorated LAKE KARLA.


The capital of Magnesia is Volos, a coastal port city with a population of about 150.000 people. Magnesia is a very attractive tourist destination for recreation, vacations and relaxation. There are many forms of alternative tourism developed in the area, such as hiking tourism, mountaineering, climbing tourism, ecotourism and sports tourism. This includes water sports, mountain biking, mountain archery, canyoning, horse riding and more.

The visitor can choose between the mainland of Magnesia region, which mostly includes the beautiful mountain of the Centaurs, PELION, but other areas too, such as SOURPI and PTELEOS, and the dreamy island complex of NORTH SPORADES which consists of the islands of SKIATHOS, SKOPELOS and ALLONISOS. Whichever your choice may be, you will have an enjoyable, interesting and memorable stay.

Cosmopolitan SKIATHOS, the island of Papadiamantis (an influential Greek writer), is a popular tourist destination for both the domestic and the international elite. The island is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches such as KOYKOYNARIES and BANANA BEACH and for its diverse night life.

On the other hand, the verdant island of SKOPELOS, with its splendid beaches and numerous chapels and monasteries, is ideal for tranquil, relaxing holidays and family holidays. The island offers nice food and warm, local hospitality.

ALONISSOS, is a unique island. It constitutes an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers and for those who seek for tranquility, peacefulness, human contact and interaction with the locals. It also attracts scientists and nature lovers from all over the world, due to the Marine Park of the North Sporades, which provides shelter to the Mediterranean monk seal MONACHUS – MONACHUS.

πήλιοDense forested Pelion Mountain offers various choices to the visitors due to its diversity. Starting from the coastal areas near Volos, one can choose among beaches such as AGRIA, LEHONIA, PLATANIDIA, MALAKI, GATZEA, KALA NERA, KOROPI and AFISSOS. The areas offers fine swimming in calm and warm waters, many accommodation choices and an easy access to Volos. Another choice is the area of ARGALASTI, with its quaint seaports LEFOKASTRO, KALAMOS and HORTO. Driving in the south, but still in the west side of Pelion Mountain, in Pagasitikos bay, you will find MILINA, and in the edge of the mountain, the island – like village of TRIKERI, a village with an island character in culture, and in everyday life.

In the southern side of the mountain, but this time in the coastal area of the Aegean Sea, you will find beautiful small fishing villages and beaches, with crystal clear waters and hospitality, such as PLATANIAS, KATIGIORGIS, PALTSI, MELANI and POTISTIKA. In the southern side of the mountain, but this time in the coastal area of the Aegean Sea, you will find beautiful small fishing villages and beaches, with crystal clear waters and hospitality, such as PLATANIAS, KATIGIORGIS, PALTSI, MELANI and POTISTIKA.

μυλοπόταμοςGoing up the east side of Pelion Mountain, the visitor is enchanted by the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. The mountain here has a wilder natural beauty, with tall trees. In higher altitudes, one can find beech forests, chestnut trees, walnut trees, plane trees pear trees and fine quality apple trees. The picturesque Pelion villages, with their stone-built traditional mansions of unique architecture, captivate the visitor and its rich forested mountainsides help people feel calm and relaxed. All the Pelion villages, from the smaller ones, such as KALAMAKI, LAMPINOU, KSOURIHTI, ANILION, MAKRIRAHI and POURI, to the bigger ones, such as TSAGARADA, MOURESI, KISSOS and ZAGORA are lively villages with sturdy, mountain people. Beautiful, shady squares, paved with traditional Pelion stone, traditional guest houses and taverns with exceptional local dishes. The beaches of east Pelion are of exceptional beauty. The picturesque FAKISTRA, the shiny MYLOPOTAMOS, the long and sandy beach of PAPA-NERO, AGIOS IOANNIS, the pebbled PLAKA, AGIOI SARANTA and the endless beach of HOREFTO. Beauty, crystal – clear blue, cold waters, lush vegetation and plane trees that reach the shore, are their common characteristics. Here, nature wears its best appearance.

μηλιέςThe villages that are situated in the innermost part of the mountain , such as MILIES, VIZITSA, AGIOS GEORGIOS, PINAKATES, AGIOS VLASIOS but also the more secluded ones such as AGIOS LAVRENTIOS and DRAKEIA and finally the well – known PORTARIA and MAKRINITSA, generously offer their visitors beauty, natural environment, peacefulness and relaxation. With plenty of melodiously flowing waters, excellent quality local, biological products and an abundance of rare herbs growing there, Pelion mountain is truly a heaven on earth.

In Pelion mountain, you can find the only skiing centre in Greece from which one can enjoy the panoramic view of two seas. The Aegean Sea in the east and the Pagasitikos Gulf in the west.

VOLOS, is a newly – built city, since the biggest part of the city was destroyed during the 1955 earthquakes and a large proportion of it, was erected afterwards. The city was rebuilt with an urban planning, that’s why it’s a well laid – out city. The benchmark of the city is its waterfront promenade, a meeting point for the locals and visitors, where you can enjoy a leisurely coffee or go for a stroll. The city also has an Archaeological museum, a Roof Tile and Brickworks museum, and some worth seeing neoclassical buildings such as the Volos University Library, the Municipal Conservatory of Volos, the Spirer Building, the Railway Station building, and more.

αργώVolos has been inhabited since the ancient times. The ancient name of the city was IOLKOS and it was the homeland of the mythological one sandaled hero JASON. The myth of the ARGONAUTIC EXPEDITION is known worldwide. Nowadays, ARGO (the ship of the ARGONAUTS) was reconstructed, strictly observing the techniques of antiquity, with wood gathered from Mount Pelion. The ship is moored in the port of Volos.

These are the most important details concerning MAGNESIA, VOLOS and PELION.