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Daily Trips – Sightseeing

With Volos as a starting point, you can begin several interesting excursions and visit many exciting destinations. Daily getaways that lead to many different places with beautiful natural surroundings, of historical / archeological or architectural interest and culinary delights.

Trikeri is a village built on top of the most remote hill at the very end of the Magnesia peninsula. Access to the village was easier by sea rather than land, thus it gained the character of an island and became a maritime center. In 1821, Trikeri had one of the largest commercial fleets and actively participated in the Greek revolution by helping the newly-founded “Society of Friends” (Filiki Eteria) with many of its ships
Pelion, the mountain of Centaurs fascinates through all four seasons of the year, combining its natural beauty with historical and mythical events that surround its name with a magical aura and make it appear in the pages of the world’s largest travel magazines. Why choose Pelion: In Milies you will discover picturesque buildings, waterfalls, the beautiful church of Pammegiston Taxiarchon at the central square and the Municipal Library with historical manuscripts, and in Vyzitsa plenty
Lake Plastiras is an artificial lake that spreads on the plateau of Nevropolis in the prefecture of Karditsa. The Greek general and politician Nikolaos Plastiras was the first to visualize the construction of an artificial lake in the area. His vision was to solve the problem of irrigation of the plain of Thessaly and produce electricity by exploiting the power of water. But Lake Plastiras evolved into something more than that. For the next generations,
Dion is situated in the eastern foothills of Olympus and was a renowned Macedonian state of strategic importance. The city seems to have been founded in honor of Zeus by Thessalian King Deucalion, but became a center of great importance, similar to Delphi and Olympia, during the reign of King Archelaus of Macedonia. After the death of Alexander the Great, Dion was plundered and the temple of Zeus was burned. The archaeological excavations brought to
The oracle of Delphi was the meeting point of the ancient Greek world. The oracle’s reputation had surpassed the boundaries of Greece, as evidenced by the findings of the excavations that brought to light tributes from Syria and Armenia. The oracle was dedicated to god Apollo and Pythia, the high priestess, served as the medium that delivered the oracle from the gods to the persons concerned. In antiquity, Delphi was declared the navel(omphalos) of the
Meteora, located a few kilometers outside the Kalampaka city, is a cluster of huge rock formations of 313 meters average height, which according to stydies was formed about 65 million years ago and is a uniquely beautiful geological phenomenon. Meteora has become widely known because of the monasteries built on top of some of the rock pillars, which constitute the second most important monastic complex in Greece after Mount Athos. Since 1988, Meteora has been